I’m Leaving Tomorrow……..

After months of waiting the time has come. I’m leaving tomorrow. My flight takes off March 1st at 8:35 am and goes to Toronto, where I have a six-hour layover before taking off for the 18-hour flight to New Delhi via Brussels. I arrive in New Delhi March 2nd at 10:45 pm and if all goes as expected, into the waiting arms of my partner Sanford.

Sanford and I often meet in various parts of the world when travelling as we are coming from different directions. He always arrives a few days prior to me, arranges accommodations and gets things sorted out. I always know where we are staying so that if the unthinkable happens and he can’t get to the airport for some reason (hasn’t happened yet), I am able to find my own way to our accommodation.

Backpacker 2Sanford has been to India three times previously and our accommodation in New Delhi is at Major’s Den Hostel. He sent me the description from the Lonely Planet site and it is as follows: “In a quietish sidestreet, the friendly Den has no-frills, bearably clean rooms, with cleanish walls; not all have windows.” I laughed when I read this and wondered why there is a need to mention the walls. Not sure if this is the “love nest” I would have picked to take my partner to, after being apart for 6 months. But, on further reading, I saw that Major’s Den was visited by Lonely Planet’s independent authors. They selected this as one of their recommended hostels in Delhi. So maybe I am being treated to a 5 star accommodation, in the hostel world anyway. I’m really looking forward to seeing this place and will let you know about the “cleanish walls”, that is of course if I have a room with windows and can even see the walls.

If you read my “About Me” page, you will know that another topic I also want to blog about is my transformation from severely obese to a normal weight to maintenance. I have to date lost a little more than 100 pounds. I’m thinner than I can remember ever being. Flying is going to be a wonderful experience for me and I’m looking forward to being on the plane. When you are as heavy as I was you face many little humiliations throughout your everyday life. Flying was one of them. The seat belts were too short and I had to ask for an extension. Humiliating. In addition, when you are that size there was not enough clearance between my stomach and the seat in front of me to fully put down the food tray so juggling a beverage with your food tray was difficult. Again humiliating. I am so excited to get on the plane, put on my seatbelt and pull it tight, and to put down my food tray. It’s going to be a significant moment for me.

Next post will be from New Delhi!


5 thoughts on “I’m Leaving Tomorrow……..

  1. Have a wonderful trip, say hello to Sanford from Julio and I. How exciting to read about your experiences. Looking forward to the next one and see you when you get back home.


  2. Have a wonderful trip, Margaret. You are a true inspiration to me, dear friend. I totally get the airplane humiliation thing. Enjoy your new found freedom from that! Since talking to you, I have continued to go to my exercise classes and am starting week 5 of my new eating regime. I plan menus for the week so that I know what I am going to eat daily. Already, I feel better. I have not weighed myself yet because I did not want to get fixated on numbers when I started. I will do that soon. Anyway, my hope is that you will be reading my blog when I am off to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain within a few years! All the best on your adventure!


    1. It’s such a long journey to lose a lot of weight but so worth it. I’m glad you’ve got a system working for you and please keep me posted on how you do. Camino de Santiago will be a wonderful experience with a fitter body. I truly look forward to that blog. Take care.


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