It’s My Birthday!

On our last full day in Kodai, April 2nd, we decided to celebrate my upcoming 58th birthday (which would be on the 4th) early, as we would be doing heavy travelling for the next few days. We had already scouted out a nice restaurant, and come this day, Sanford treated me to an upscale meal at a place called Cloud Street, run by westerners doing mainly continental cuisine.

Arriving at Cloud Street at 6 pm, we settled at a table next to the fireplace. It turned out to be a fantastic meal and evening. Normally we might have had wine for dinner but liquor is not all that common to find in restaurants so our pre-dinner drink was unsweetened lime juice. I chose a grilled chicken dinner for my main course but unfortunately the grill was broken. Next choice was roasted chicken but when I found out it came as a burger with a bun and tons of
condiments I just kind of blurted out that all I wanted was a piece of plain chicken and some vegetables. The owner was compassionate and offered me a salad with chicken added to it and the dressing on the side. It was wonderful; I didn’t even bother with the dressing. I also had a side serving of roasted vegetables. Again wonderful! I haven’t had so many vegetables since leaving Canada: who would have thought that vegetables would have been so special to me! Sanford had a large wood-fired chicken, onion, and green pepper pizza and we shared an order of fries. Everything was delicious.

Chicken Salad 1

Roast Vegetables

I thought the meal was done now but next thing I know; the owner came over to Sanford and asked him if it was time for the surprise. What surprise?! Turns out Sanford, when out for a walk on his own the previous day, had stopped by the restaurant and asked the owner if she could pre-make a no-sugar or very low-sugar apple crumble special for me. Next thing I know this wonderful very low Birthday Girlsugar apple crumble with three candles was presented. It was such a pleasant surprise and it was funny too because all the restaurant had were joke candles that re-lit when you blew them out. So after I tried to blow them out a few times, the owner finally removed the still-burning candles and beat them out with a fireplace log. Mint teas capped off this awesome meal.

Sanford truly surprised me; it was wonderful and thoughtful. Made me feel a bit guilty though as I had not really done anything for his birthday, only let him buy me a ring and bracelet that day. Hmmm, I think I owe him a surprise some day in the future.

Birthday Celebration


5 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Super happy birthday Margaret! 🙂

    P.S. Today I got two gifts and it wasn’t even my birthday – Andrew submitted my units and Lisa gave me a chai latte 😉


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