Transformation Project – Weight After the Holidays

I was really curious to see what the scale would register after this trip. Would I be down a huge amount or just a little? I was pretty sure I was down something because my clothes were looser but I find it hard to gauge how much. In the beginning of the trip I was so sick and nothing I ate stayed with me. Then for a lot of the holidays I was having trouble finding food I liked and that helped to keep my portions small. But as the trip progressed and particularly in Sri Lanka, I did find more and more things I could eat and my intake was back up. In terms of exercise, sometimes we did lots and other times we did very little. What would the scale say?

Down 13.2 lbs during the six and half weeks on the road! My weight is now 166.8 and I am down an incredible 117.2 lbs!! In my whole life, I never thought that I would be able to achieve such a loss. It truly is exciting to have lost this amount of weight.


6 thoughts on “Transformation Project – Weight After the Holidays

  1. Wow have you done well with your weight. Time to celebrate!
    I’m glad you are planning to keep us posted while you are in Australia. Looking forward to hear about that great country too.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS MARGARET!!! Way To Go. You’ve lost an amazing amount of weight but I know you walked your A…. off on this holiday and you really tried hard to eat sensibly. From reading your postings of your trip … Sanford was a big supporter for you … again CONGRATULATIONS.
    aNNA (TOPS pal)


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