A Bike Ride Gone Horribly Wrong!

My weekend was not as expected, I had an accident on my bike.

I was going down a hill and applying pressure on the brakes to slow down.  I really don’t know what happened next.  I don’t know if there was something on the road that caused me to lose control, or if something happened with my bike.  Next thing I know, I’m falling.  I fell off the bike on the side and my face and hands met the pavement and bounced and scraped along.

Luckily there was no car beside me and I was not hit by the car behind me as we were on a very busy thoroughfare.  The female driver behind me stopped, and the man in the car in front of me stopped, and they both helped.  Sanford was a distance in front and didn’t know what happened, but another driver caught up with him and told him I was down.

The two people that stopped were concerned about my neck and back and kept me immobilized.  The man called an ambulance and disentangled my feet from my bike.  The female had some blankets in her car to cover me and she held my hand. When Sanford arrived, he got my bike off the road, collected my belongings which were scattered, found my travel health information in my purse, and made sure I had what I needed for the hospital.

I actually felt not too bad but I could taste blood and knew my face was in bad shape but what was most painful were my hands.  I was also shivering uncontrollably.

Once the ambulance arrived, they put me in a neck brace and then the ambulance attendants, plus the two people who stopped, plus Sanford, put me onto a backboard and then lifted me onto the ambulance trolley.

I was taken to the hospital and Sanford was left to contend with the two bikes and all our stuff (we had been shopping at a market and had lots of produce).

At the hospital, they determined my neck and back were fine and no neurological issues.  They didn’t think my nose was broken but my face had some nasty scratches.  I had a lot of bleeding from the bridge of my nose because I think my glasses dug into that part.  My hands were badly scraped at the knuckles and my little finger on my left hand was thought to be broken and needed to be X-rayed.  Other than that, I had a few scrapes on my legs, but the brunt of the fall was taken by my face and hands.

I was given some pain killers and a tetanus shot.  They also drew blood for a blood alcohol level as this is mandatory in Australia for the driver of any vehicle (in this case a bike) in an accident on the road.

Sanford arrived and I was in good spirits that nothing bad had happened.  Things changed though after they did the X-ray of my finger.  My little finger has the two narrow bones at the base completely fractured.  This type of break can’t be set, it requires a hand surgeon to open it up and fix it.  If it is not fixed, I will lose function of that finger and some function in my hand.

I knew that I would have to contact the travel insurance company to discuss this, so the hospital froze my finger, pulled it straight and splinted it as a temporary hold.  I was told I had to have something done with that finger by Friday or I would have complications.  I have two scenarios.  If the insurrance agent will allow the surgery here, I just present back to emergency and it will be done.  If the insurance agent says no, I need to immediately fly back to Winnipeg, and present myself to the emergency department there.  The ER Doctor gave me a copy of my X-rays and a letter of referral for Winnipeg, if needed.

I have already been talking with the travel insurance agent and supplied all the information they requested.  Before a final decision is made, they need to know the cost of the procedure here and they can’t find that out until Monday as the hospital finance department has to answer that question and they don’t work on weekends.  I will be told Monday morning the decision.

Hope your weekend is better than mine!

Head shot

My hands

Hand xray 1

close up of finger


8 thoughts on “A Bike Ride Gone Horribly Wrong!

  1. Margaret,
    How awful for you. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get to do the repair over there … by Monday you will be on the cusp of doing anything … and by the time you get home … you will be beyond the good time frame … and I have no real faith in any emergency department except the Misericordia … and they aren’t a major ER. I hope you get to finish your holiday with Sanford properly. I think you were pretty lucky with the people who stopped to help you. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    The weather here is improving by leaps and bounds. It is supposed to be in the upper 20’s for the next few weeks. I bought hanging plants and two tomato plants yesterday and the day before I bought bedding plants for the flower bed(s). I ache but I do love the flowers!


  2. Margaret, I am so sorry to hear about this accident! As you know when I was riding my bike I had my share of accidents, none as serious as this though, so I am totally sympathetic to your plight. I will say a prayer for you for a great outcome.
    You are an inspiration to us all back here.


  3. Hopefully all went well today and you are able to have surgery down there. At least that is all that was broken! You still have good spirits by the sound of it.

    Take care.


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