Suddenly Everything Has Changed – A Hand Update

I finished off my last post saying I was waiting to find out if I could have my hand surgery in Sydney or if I would have to fly home.  The insurance company would base the decision on the cost of the procedure and I was to find out Monday morning.
Monday morning I was contacted by the insurance people and they had been in contact with the Concord Hospital finance department to get the cost estimate.  Turns out their finance department could not provide a cost as the price is set by the plastic surgeon as he/she must assess the complexity of the fix prior to setting a price.  So I was requested to go back to the hospital emergency department for a consult with the surgeon.
The surgeon had consulted with others in his department and it was decided that I didn’t require emergency surgery and perhaps would not require surgery at all!  What about everything they said to me before?  What about the function of my finger?  Well, he is the specialist and  the ER doctor that told me those things does not know all the intricacies of my finger.
The decision was made to put my finger in a plaster cast for more stability and I have been given an appointment for the hand clinic next Monday when they will do another  Xray and determine the next step.
So maybe things will work out and I won’t require surgery.
Many of you posted comments or emailed me directly with your condolences, get well wishes and prayers.  I want to say a big THANK YOU, it was much appreciated.
I spent most of the afternoon in emergency waiting for a consult on my hand today , and this is the outcome…Suddenly I did not need the surgery by this Friday.  They decided instead to put my finger in a plaster cast and will be giving me an appointment to the hand clinic next Monday when they will do an Xray and determine what needs to be done.  There may be a possibility that the cast may be sufficient.
So that’s where I am now.  I will keep you updated along the way.

7 thoughts on “Suddenly Everything Has Changed – A Hand Update

  1. Hi Margaret,
    I just read about your accident now, because I was interrupted so I just found out this news now, but it’s a good thing because now I can read both posts at the same time, and it looks a lot better after reading what you have posted here.

    Hopefully you’ll be OK, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Take care, and just be patient, and the body is pretty good at healing.


  2. Hi Margaret

    I read that you fell on you r bike but I didn’t realize you hurt your hand so badly. I will send healing prayers for complete recovery. Take care.


  3. Hello Maggie,
    Have just read your email and I am so sorry to hear about the accident but the good news is that you do not have to have surgery. It must have been an awful experience and you were lucky to have such good people assisting you at the scene.
    I am so glad you are not having to go back home as we have hardly seen you and hope to catch up soon when you are feeling a lot better. Hope everything turns out well with the cast and the healing of your face and hands.
    Take care,


  4. Hey Margaret,
    I’m so glad that the surgery part is on hold for the time being. Trust the surgeon he knows what he is doing but make sure you follow his orders! I guess riding the bike is a no-go for the rest of your stay in Australia. Sorry about that but at least you are in one piece without a serious head injury!
    Look forward to seeing you when you get back … is that July or August?


  5. I’m sorry about the accident; and glad that you were not more severely injured…..also glad that you won’t have to cut your time in Australia short. Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery; and looking forward to your next news!


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