Out’n’About Sydney – Vivid Sydney!

With my hand in a cast and a minor bout of food poisoning, our options for activities in the last week were quite limited. However, that being said, we did go one evening to the Sydney harbour area to take in some of the Vivid Sydney Light Festival.

This annual festival encompasses light art, music, public ideas forums, creative industry workshops and conferences at various venues throughout the city.

Sanford and I just took in the light art aspect of the festival and enjoyed the many light sculptures and grand scale light projections on various buildings.

Below are some of my pictures of the event, starting with a selfie of us in a lighted photo booth.

Vivid 12

Vivid 1

Vivid 2

Vivid 3

Vivid 9

Vivid 11Vivid 10

Vivid 6

Vivid 8

Vivid 7

Vivid 4

Vivid 5


2 thoughts on “Out’n’About Sydney – Vivid Sydney!

  1. Margaret,
    I can’t believe your luck … food poisoning too … I am AMAZED. Your pics of the Sydney Light Show were really great, I hope the rest of the trip is more uneventful health & body wise … I think you deserve some quality time with Sanford without the stress and strain of injuries and illness … I asked that the TOPS group say a prayer for you (both) if they were so inclined … that was Lil’s suggestion.
    I am working hard at counting calories and walking … I have also been to the chiropractor … and actually feel better since my visit. Keep up the blog. I sure enjoy reading about your adventures.


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