Hand Update #2

I’ve had an eventful few days with my hand.

Last week I posted about my consult with the plastic surgeon concerning my broken little finger on my left hand. The surgeon had made the decision to put my finger in a cast for there was a possibility the cast might be sufficient to hold my finger in place.

I had a follow-up with the surgeon this Monday and had X-rays done prior to the appointment. The X-rays showed that my finger was not healing in the correct position; it was healing with a slight rotation displacement. This displacement would limit the use of this finger and, to some degree, affect my hand.

Surgery was now indicated and since the break was from May 23rd, it needed to be repaired NOW! Because some healing had taken place, I would need to be put under full anesthesia to have the finger re-broken and wired into the correct position. I was instructed to go from this appointment straight to admitting where I was put on the urgent list for day surgery and was to be slotted in as soon as operating space was available.

My appointment with the surgeon was at 9:30 AM, I then waited in day surgery until 5 PM, at which time I was sent home, as there were no openings that day to fit me in. I was told to return the following morning at 7 AM and again be on the urgent list.

On Tuesday a spot opened up for me at 4 PM. I’m happy to have this surgery behind me and know that my finger will now be okay.

This finger is filling my social calendar. Presently my whole hand (except the thumb) is in a plaster cast but a little later this morning I have an appointment to remove the cast and it is to be replaced with a splint that will only bind my little finger and the one next to it. I’m looking forward to that, as right now I can barely do anything with my left hand. Then in another week and a half, I go back for another follow-up with the surgeon, and in four to six weeks, once the break is healed, the wire will be taken out. Apparently this is done in the office, I’m not looking forward to that appointment, sounds painful.

Just a note about how I’m recovering in general. The scabs are all gone from my face so I’m looking more normal, but the bridge of my nose is still quite tender. My right hand too is still quite sore. Other than that, each day I’m getting better.

repaired finger


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