Out’n’About Sydney – Field of Mars

Now with a broken finger and my arm in a sling, my options for exercise are somewhat limited. Long bike rides and swimming are out of the question. What’s left? Walking!

Sydney is a great place to walk and choices of where to walk are endless, from urban coastal walks to treks in National Parks. Today we headed out the door and walked to Field of Mars, a nature reserve a few kilometers from Sanford’s apartment.

Field of Mars is 56 hectares in size and contains around 300 species of plants. There are several trails in the reserve and we spent about an hour wandering around. Sanford is a volunteer here, manning the visitor centre, a couple of times a month.

We had a good walk today, covering 8 km in about 2 ½ hours. It was nice to get some exercise.

Field of MarsField of Mars 2Field of Mars 3Field of Mars 4Field of Mars 5


3 thoughts on “Out’n’About Sydney – Field of Mars

  1. Hey Margaret,
    Walking is good too. Remember all the walking you did before you got to Sydney? You are looking really good … even with your arm in a sling! I noticed the finger is splinted too. We are getting rain off and on but at least we are enjoying summer temps. Keep up the walking! By the way, did you hear about the earthquake in Malaysia that was brought about by tourists getting naked and taking pictures on the mountain? Two Canadians are being held along with several others of other nations.


    1. Hi Anna, I had heard about the earthquake but not about the connection to naked tourists. I don’t believe for a second that they caused the earthquake by angering the mountain spirits. I don’t envy the wrath the tourists will face from the local people.


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