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Hi there!

I have found that I truly enjoy blogging. It was particularly easy for me while travelling because I had a “theme” and one post logically flowed into the next. I find though, that now that I’m settling into one place that I can’t tie my posts together in an easy way and feel my blog is disjointed.

I have spent the last few days thinking about how I would like to organize my posts on a go forward basis. My intention when I started this blog was to post about travelling but also to post about other things. I wanted to post about my weight loss transformation, life in Australia, activities I’m doing in Australia for my kids to keep tabs on me from Winnipeg, and once in Winnipeg, post about activities there for Sanford to keep tabs on me from Australia.

In order to make my blog easier to follow, I have decided to use the same headings for my major themes, so readers will know the topic. That way, if you have no interest in weight loss, for instance, you could skip reading that post because you would know the topic.

Here are the major theme titles I’m planning to use:

  • Aussie Living – topics specific to the way of life in Australia
  • Transformation Information – my lifestyle changes to lose my excess weight
  • Monthly Transformation Update – commentary on how I did the previous month
  • Out’n’about Sydney (or Winnipeg) – what I’m up to

I hope you will like my new format.

Take care.


One thought on “Posting by Themes – Blog Organization

  1. Sounds good to me! It has been wonderful to keep in touch while you are in fact very far away. It has been fabulous. Ralph and I both follow your blog faithfully and so does our daughter!


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