Monthly Transformation Update – May 2015

I’m posting this a bit late as I got waylaid with my bike accident saga but I did want to share my May stats.

May 1st – 166.8 lbs

May 31st – 162.4 lbs

Weight Loss for May 4.4 lbs

Highest weight 284 lbs

Weight loss to date – 121.6 lbs

Comments – May was a month of adjustment for me. I was coming off of two months of holidays where, although I had lost weight, I had eaten a lot of high fat, and high salt foods, and in addition a lot of breads. I found it took a few weeks to readjust back to my normal foods and not crave the fat and salt I had grown accustomed too.

In addition, I started to live with Sanford in Australia and had not been here since I had begun this transformation. It is difficult to duplicate exactly what I eat in Winnipeg because although a lot of the foods are the same there are also many differences. It took some experimentation to find what I wanted to incorporate into my food plan but I’m quite happy with my food choices now.

A highlight for me for the month was a shopping trip for clothes. I wanted to buy a new pair of slacks and a sweater. For the slacks, I thought I was probably a size 16 but also took a size 18 into the dressing room, just in case. It turned out that both pairs were too big, I now take a size 14!! As for the sweater, I just tried a large and as you may have guessed, it too was too big. I’m now a medium!!

It was a great month. New weight, new clothes and new size.

162 front 162 side

I decided to plot my weight loss since starting with my diet coach in November of 2013. Note – When I started working with this person my weight was 270, so the chart below starts at 270, not my highest weight of 284.

May 2015


6 thoughts on “Monthly Transformation Update – May 2015

  1. Way to go Margaret … No big bumps or hills … just you and I bet when you look down you can see your toes!!! Out of curiosity … before the diet coach … how much weight did you lose with TOPS while you were going there? Regardless … YOU LOOK TERRIFIC!!!


    1. Hi Anna, I joined TOPS on August 12th of 2012 when I was my highest weight of 284. I did quite well the first few months and lost just over 25 lbs. But then, as had always been my pattern previously, I started to gain weight. When I last attended TOPS on September 11th of 2013, I was 263.3 lbs. It was a few months later that I started with my diet coach.


  2. Awesome Margaret . You look great! I am so amazed at your discipline and the difference it makes. I have renewed my resolve to exercise and sensible portion sizes of food (glutton free) I have brought my weight down 3 ponds but more so I can feel my body’s positive response to the exercise. Love it. Makes me motivated to keep it up. Helps that the weather is nice and going outside is a viable exercise option. Lost my Fitbit Flex on the bus and going through withdrawal that I can not check my step progress on my phone and see my very active time as well. For now I am using my old pedometer and my Xbox Active 2 program for X-training with BP monitor. The X-training is hard but I feel great the next day. Hoping to tone up and loss weight in the long haul.


    1. Hi Linda. Sounds like you are doing great, well done!! I still find the exercise component the hardest to motivate myself for. I’m now trying to do fast walks a couple of times a week, but often I have to push myself out the door. I always feel better for exercising, so don’t know why I continue to fight it. I’m working on my attitude. Take care.


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