Aussie Living – Winter in Sydney

As soon as I get up in the morning, I put on my merino wool longjohns and my fleece jacket, make a hot water bottle and a cup of hot herbal tea and sit in the living room in front of the electric heater.

Keeping Warm

Yep, it’s winter here.  It officially began on June 1st and goes to the end of August, with July being the coldest month.  You would think it’s absolutely freezing but in actual fact it is perhaps 10 degrees outside and 16 degrees inside.

Sidneysiders (residents of Sydney) are not into central heating. Some residents of other parts of Australia apparently have adopted central heating (Melbourne and Canberra), but not here. If you ask why not, the answer is it is cold only a few months so they don’t feel a need for the expense.

I do admire that attitude but to be honest I would prefer to be warmer while inside.  Sure its fine while I’m in front of the heater but I find the minute I move away, say to the bathroom or the kitchen, its cold!  Sanford has told me he found the first year he lived in Australia he froze all winter but since then has gotten used to it.  So there is hope for me to feel more comfortable in coming years.

Because there is no central heat people often wear their coats indoors. When I have had to go to the hospital for one of my many hand appointments, the girl sitting at the admitting desk wears her coat, likewise, when we visited friends of Sanford they greeted us at the door with their jackets on. People do use space heaters in their homes but usually only heat the sitting room. When we are out and about and moving around, I love this temperature and have no issues with the cold, its only indoors that it is an issue.

I am, however, adjusting and trying to adapt. I’m actually quite cozy with my morning set-up with the heater, fleece jacket, hot water bottle and tea. At least I’m okay until all of a sudden BAM! I get a hot flash (I’m of that age now), and then the jacket gets ripped off, the hot water bottle gets tossed aside, the tea is put down and the heater unplugged. Then a few minutes after the hot flash passes I get cold and I start the whole cycle all over again….

Temperatures in Sydney 2


6 thoughts on “Aussie Living – Winter in Sydney

  1. You just describe winter in Chile, no central heating and temp can go as low as 4 degrees, that’s the reason I escape in may the latest, but June here in Winnipeg has been mostly cool. You never win


    1. It surprises me how difficult it is to adapt. I always think of us Winnipegers as so hardy but really, in terms of temperature in our homes, most of us keep a pretty even temperature. We rely pretty heavily on heating when it cold and air conditioning when it is hot.


  2. Hey Margaret,
    This reminds me of a few years ago in Edmonton … air conditioning … why it is only really hot for a month or so … so son-in-law would disappear to work on weekends (air conditioned). Daughter thought that was aok until she had to spend an entire summer in the house (allergies). Now they have air conditioning and visitors from The Peg do survive the heat!!!
    I got a Garmin Activity Tracker and have been using it for four or five days now. I have upped my steps considerable. It keeps me on my toes! I enjoy your blogs very much. I’ll let you know when I reach my Garmin Goal and then I will lower it by another 10 lbs at a time. So far I have lost 16 lbs (-minus the 5 I lost when I was sick) would make my loss 11 lbs. Either number works for me.


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