Hand update #3

This morning I had an appointment with the surgeon to remove the wires from my finger. I was dreading this procedure but it turned out to be essentially a non-event. I didn’t even feel the first wire come out and with the second I just felt a bit of a pull when the last bit was removed.

This picture, which was taken two weeks ago, shows the two wires protruding from my little finger:

Wires in 1I was surprised to see just how long those wires were!


Overall the surgeon is pleased with how my finger looks; the swelling is less and the bruising almost gone. He said my finger would be quite stiff for a while and sent me off to the hand therapy unit to have my finger wrapped and to get some hand and finger exercises.

I need to keep my finger bandaged for a few more days until the holes from the wires heal up and then all the bandages are done with. I still need to protect my finger as the healing is not done yet and will take another three to four weeks. So I have been instructed to wear the splint out in public but when at home I just need to keep the finger bound to the one beside it.

The next stage of healing is getting the functionality back to my finger and my hand. I have been given two sets of exercises that must be done every two hours. They are easy exercises but at this point I can barely move my little finger plus I have a lot of difficulty with the finger beside it as it has been bound to the little finger all this time.

Hand Exercises 1

Finger Exercises

Essentially all is going well.  Gotta run, my timer is telling me it’s time to exercise…..


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