Out’n’About Sydney – Berowra Valley Regional Park

Sydney is such a great place for walkers, there are trails all over the city and they are of varying lengths and varying levels of fitness. I wonder how many walks you could go on before you would have to repeat a walk? I suspect it is in the hundreds. The reason I say this is because Sydney’s Street Directory has 272 maps and each one of them has at least one park, or forest, or green space of some kind. The picture below is one of the pages which contains the park we chose to walk in, but we could have picked any one of the other five parks and also had an excellent walk.


We went to the suburb of Hornsby Shire to access a walk in the Berowra ValleyCallicoma Walk Regional Park. This park follows a deep valley carved out by the Berowra Creek and covers 4000 hectares. There were many trails in this park ranging from 2 or 3 km to 35 km, so really, there is a walk for everyone. We chose to walk on part of the Callicoma Walk.

Berawra ParkI was impressed by the terrain. I felt like I was out in the forest as we walked along the river with lush bush and rock formations. We were in fact quite close on all sides by housing and busy streets.  We covered 5.82 km in 2:08 hours (can you tell I use an app to measure distance and time). We crossedCreek Crossing the creek twice, once on a bridge and once, at a low point, on cement walking posts. We had to scramble up rocky sections in parts, or stairs, and other parts were quite flat. Sanford’s bush care background got the better of him at one spot and he stopped to pull some crofton weeds.  I felt by the time the walk was done that I had a good workout.

Unknown yellow flower

Trail 2

Banksia brownii

Rock Formations

I decided to see what other facts I could learn about this park and was interested to read that on January 27, 2013, a man was found in the park after spending 9 weeks being lost. He survived one of Australia’s worst heat waves during which daytime temperatures reached more than 45 degrees, surviving on water and food he had brought with him. I wondered how much food this man carried with him when he went for walks and I’m pretty sure he was in another section of the park than where we were as we were always close to civilization.

Wonder which park we will go to next week?


4 thoughts on “Out’n’About Sydney – Berowra Valley Regional Park

  1. Hey Margaret,
    The walk at B… Park sounds like lots of fun … that guy probably got lost on one of the 35 M hikes! Apparently, the west coast (BC) is experiencing a heat wave. Temps in the 30’s and 40’s and Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are enduring heat and very little rain so farmers may be in trouble very soon. I am down another pound … it is coming off very slowly but it is coming off. The Garmin Activity Tracker is a boon … it gets my off of my butt! I do really enjoy your blogs, Hello to you and Sanford.


    1. Down another pound, that’s awesome!! I think you must be getting close to 20 pounds down over the last few months, that’s quite significant. Congratulations!
      I like those activity trackers. I have one by Polar Flow and found it great for monitoring the number of steps I took. I got out of the habit of wearing it when I broke my finger as I couldn’t get it on that wrist with my splint but need to start wearing it again.
      Take care, Margaret.


  2. Hi

    The nature walks sound so inviting. I would love to live in a city where you could take wilderness walks in the city. I am down another 2 lbs. Much more active in the summer and my pedometer encourages me to meet or beat the 10,000 step goal and 30 active minutes per day.


    1. Hi Linda, I was looking back at your previous comments and think you are now down 5 lbs, is that right? That is just wonderful!
      I find unless I do a walk in a day, I don’t generally get to 10,000 steps, so I am often short that goal, so I am envious of your commitment. Are you still doing your Xbox Active 2 workouts?
      Take care,


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