Hand update #4


I was at the hand therapy unit earlier this week for another evaluation of my finger.   I’m happy to report that I’m making progress! In the last two weeks of doing hand and finger exercises, I have managed to get some range of motion back. However I do have a ways to go.

ElephantIn my initial instructions, I was not to “force” my finger into position, I was just to move it as much as I could, and not worry about it beyond that. This has now changed. The physiotherapist has recommended the same exercises but now I’m supposed to push my finger into the correct position by applying pressure on it…..ouch!! It is quite painful at this time when I apply the pressure and I am a long way from where the finger should bend to.

ToolsI was given some new tools to work with. Besides bending my finger more, I also have to fully extend and straighten it more. I’m to do this manually when I do my exercises and I was given a finger splint to wear at night to hold my finger straight while I sleep.

The physiotherapist measured the strength of the grip of each of my hands and found that my right hand was twice as strong as my injured left hand. To aid in strengthening my left hand, I have a sponge that I squeeze throughout the day. The sponge is of medium resistance and as I squeeze the sponge I have to engage my little finger to build it’s strength too.

The final thing I was given was a tight “sleeve” for my little finger because it is still quite swollen and apparently will be for potentially several months.  The sleeve helps control the amount of swelling.

TigerIt is a surprisingly long road to recovery. Right now I struggle using a knife and fork and I do very little with that hand. I started to wash dishes last week and it is challenging. I worry constantly about reinjuring it and still wear a whole hand splint if Sanford and I go walking in the woods. I’ve been instructed to wean myself off the full support and start using my hand more “normally” now.

Zebra All in all, I can’t complain, it is going well.


The pictures I posted here are of hands painted and positioned to be familiar animals and birds.  They are posted on the wall of the hand therapy unit I go to.  I think they are great and hope you enjoyed them.


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