Out’n’About – Bundanoon

Sanford and I took a couple days excursion to Bundanoon, a small town with a population of 2500, located 150 km south of Sydney in the Southern Highlands. Bundanoon is a great place to spend a couple of days because there are lots of things to do and see.

The number one highlight was going on a hike at night down a steep decline to a glen lit up by glow worms. Glow worms are not actually worms but rather the larvae offspring of the fungus gnat. At night you can see little glowing lights, emitted from these larvae, lighting up the cracks in the rock wall making the glen look like a city at night. It is quite magical. It was also adventurous getting to the location, walking through the woods in pitch black, with only a flashlight to light the way. It’s eerie at night as we often heard rustling in the woods. At one point we had a wombat run across our path, first time I’ve seen one!

Glow Worm Glen Walk

Another site we took in was Sunnataram, a Thai forest Buddhist Monastery, located about 10 km outside of town. This was a great place to wander the grounds and see the various buildings and gardens, listen to Buddhist blessings and, if inclined, could have participated in meditation.

Buddhist Temple

We also spent a couple of hours hiking the trails in nearby Morton National Park. One trail led to an abandoned coal mine, another trail to a waterfall and the final trail to lookouts to the valley below. Although it was raining slightly the trails were all good.   I came across an interesting tree I have not seen before known as a grass tree. A nice way to enjoy grass and not have to worry about mowing.

Valley ViewGrass TreeBundanoon was, quite simply, great. We enjoyed the sites we took in, we spent time downtown browsing through the shops and while there stayed in a youth hostel with several other families. Our evening was spent in the hostel’s common room around a fireplace with the other guests. We had good conversation, worked on puzzles and played games.

Our trip was so good that we have decided to do another short trip next week to another small town.


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