July Monthly Transformation Update

This post is long overdue. I arrived back in Canada near the end of July and to be honest haven’t felt like doing much. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting over my jet lag, reorganizing myself for life in Canada, reconnecting with friends, and simply taking a break from everything.   Time for me to start blogging again!

July 1st                       162.2 lbs

July 31st                     164.2 lbs

July Weight Loss        +2.0 lbs

Highest Weight          284 lbs

Weight loss to date   -119.8 lbs

Comments – I went up 2 lbs. This was my first monthly gain since I started this journey in November of 2013. I was actually surprised I went up because in June I really struggled with my eating and was so sure I would gain that month, but didn’t. July was, in my mind much better. However I didn’t keep a food journal and Sanford and I had lots of dinners out in my last few weeks in Sydney. When I arrived home in Canada I actually weighed 166 lbs but had been able to drop a few pounds before the end of the month. I’m pleased about that.

I had always been fearful about gaining weight. I had been worried about how it would affect me and how I would handle it. Why? Because in the past, with any other weight loss program, once I gained weight and/or struggled, it meant the end of my weight loss journey and was always imminently followed with a return to my previous weight. That had always been my pattern and that would happen to me even if I had been successfully dieting for many months.

I’m not worried about that happening this time.  The difference is the path I have been on is completely different to anything else I have ever done. Through the coaching I have received, I now understand how food affects me, what drives me to eat, and what I can do to change former eating patterns. It doesn’t mean I’m perfect though, I still struggle with food at times, mostly with overeating, but I’m better able to assess what is going on in my life, the role that food plays, and how to get back on track.

Over the next couple of months, I am going to start posting about my weight loss journey and the steps I have followed. I will go into more detail at that time about how my thinking has changed and some of the actions I do that have made this weight loss possible. I have been spending time reviewing some of what I have gone through and look forward to sharing this.

Before I end this post, I want to mention a highlight for the month. I am totally enjoying buying new clothes and gradually building up a wardrobe. When I left for holidays, I donated my entire wardrobe, everything (!), to Value Village. I came home to a closet full of empty hangers. I’m now working towards refilling those hangers.   I had my daughter take pictures of some of my new outfits.  She insisted taking the pictures in the park instead of my “boring” living room. Enjoy!

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3


5 thoughts on “July Monthly Transformation Update

  1. You look great! How nice that Emily was your personal photographer. Love the pics in the park

    You should drop by the labs to say hi! 😀


  2. Way to go Margaret … I love the red sweater and black & white t-shirt one the best but you LOOK REALLY GOOD in all of them! I’ve finally come down a couple of pounds since I saw you. It has been hard work and I got my first 10 lb TOP HAT from TOPS … SO … that’s a total of 15 lbs so far. Only 35 more pounds to goal!


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