All because of leasing a car…..

Sanford and I are planning a trip to Europe in April for several months and Sanford wants to lease a car to travel around in. He’s been looking into the logistics of this and on Monday, October 6th, he gave me a call in the evening to discuss the options.

I happened to be sitting in the kitchen with my daughter, Emily, at the time he Skyped. He started by saying there would be a lot of driving as we are planning to cover 6 – 8 countries on our trip and he has found out that only family members are allowed to drive leased cars. Since I’m technically not a family member that means he would have to do all the driving. He then casually said he thought we should get married in March so I could drive the car.

I was shocked! Did I hear that correctly? Was he asking me to marry him? Indeed he was!! He then proceeded to ask Emily if he had her permission to marry her mom.  Her response, “Hell, yes, it’s about time!”

So I am now officially engaged and will be getting married in March 2016.

I couldn’t be happier!!

So I am now officially engaged and will be getting married in March 2016.

I couldn’t be happier!!


9 thoughts on “All because of leasing a car…..

  1. Congratulations Margaret ! I am very happy for you. Does that mean you will be moving to Australia?
    I probably should not have asked but … Anyway, I am very happy for you both. Congrats to Sanford too.
    I can’t remember if I told you but I got my 20 lb weight loss TOP HAT this past Wednesday so it made gaining 0.4 of a lb a lot easier to swallow. I have tried to be good over the long weekend but did not get in any walking today … most of my time was spent prepping in the kitchen for Turkey Chow Down! I did try a new salad (Kale, Brussel Sprouts and Apple. I would do this salad again no problem.


    1. Hi Anna,
      20 lbs lost!! Congratulations!! You’ll be down 25 lbs in no time! I sympathize with the 0.4 lb weight gain. It is actually really tough to show a weight loss regularly on a weekly basis. That is why I like to just look at my weight loss as a monthly number. My weight fluctuates all the time and some weeks are higher than the week before but the overall trend from month to month has been consistently down.

      That blue dress you wore when I visited your TOPS meeting is probably way too big now for you to wear out in public. You will definitely need a new blue dress in a much smaller size come summer!

      No, I won’t be moving permanently to Australia anytime soon. We talked about it and neither one of us, particularly me, is ready to make that permanent move yet. I’m not sure when that time will come. So no worries, I’ll still be around Winnipeg for part of every year.

      Take care,


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