Skin Surgery Consult

Unfortunately, along with all the wonders that comes from losing over 100 pounds, also comes the biggest negative of that accomplishment, which is the accompanying loose skin.

How much loose skin a person has after a significant weight loss is dependent on a number of factors including the condition and elasticity of the skin before and during weight loss, how much weight is lost and how quickly, a person’s age (the older you are, the less elasticity your skin has), and how long a person has been overweight. Most people who lose 100 pounds or more have an issue with excess or “hanging” skin when they reach their goal.

Now that I have lost all that weight and am close to my goal weight, I decided to get a consult on plastic surgery to deal with my loose skin issues. For me, at this moment, I feel very conscious of my upper arms. I have a lot of excess skin there and it appears quite wrinkly; I am uncomfortable wearing clothing that exposes them.  Second, I am very conscious of my breasts. I suppose this is something well hidden with a good bra but losing weight has caused them to lose a lot of volume and they are just long and droopy. I feel like I gather them up and place them in my bra each morning and I would like to have that fixed. That would be my top two surgeries.

Next would be my stomach. I don’t feel totally horrible about this area but have excess skin both above and below the belly button. I have a much flatter stomach than appears because of all the excess skin around.

Last would be my upper thighs and derriere. I have extra skin here too but I’m not really bothered by that so much and am not all that sure I would consider surgery for this part of my body.

So those were my thoughts concerning my body prior to my consult.

I met with a plastic surgeon I picked after doing some research on the internet and reading patient reviews. I liked the surgeon and he was very informative and gave me a good idea of what each surgery entailed, what kind of results to expect, complications that could arise, and talked about the recovery phase. We talked about an arm lift, breast lift, abdominoplasty, thigh lift and posterior and buttock lift.

Turns out the arm lift, breast lift and abdominoplasty can all be done in one surgery.

I got a quote for getting those three surgeries at one time……$18,900!  Yikes!  And that includes some extra money off because I would be getting three surgeries in one session.

That is a lot of money! I wouldn’t question spending that much if I really had to replace my car, or had to have some major house repairs done, but when it is for just me, something to just make me feel better, I’m wondering if I should consider spending the money.

It’s a big decision and I have decided to wait at least a year before I make my final decision. I’m just newly at my current weight and I would like to have a full year to further cement my new lifestyle and to be sure my weight is stable. Financially wise, I already have an upcoming wedding and travelling planned for 2016.  I need time to recover from those costs. Finally, in speaking with my coach, there may be more changes in my body brought on by my exercise program, and the gaining of muscle, which may lead to some reshaping and me not feeling a need to have this done or perhaps not as many areas.

I’m glad I went for the consult. It answered a lot of questions and gave me a lot to think about.


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