A Great Weekend

I’ve had an almost perfect weekend!
Saturday was a great day!  
I’m taking swimming lessons, actually adult stroke improvement classes, and have just completed my fifth session, so I’m half-way through. I really lucked out when I signed up for these classes.  The sessions take up to eight people and there were only two people, myself and another fellow, signed up.  In our first class, we only stayed in the shallow end and the other fellow seemed very advanced compared to me.  However, in the second class, when we went to the deep end, he was terrified of deep water, and was moved to another class, so I ended up with private lessons.  How lucky is that!   On Saturday my instructor started to teach me the breaststroke, a stroke I have always wanted to be able to do.  I need lots of practice but it is coming along.
Saturday evening I went to my son’s and his partner’s house for supper, which was a nice change, as I usually always cook for them. After supper we were off to my friend’s house for a Halloween party.  Halloween is her, and her husband’s, passion.  They go all out, the house is decorated inside and out from top to bottom, and they have games, dancing, lots of food, and costumes are mandatory.  She has a Halloween town set up and she has dioramas, which she has been doing for years, of various ways for Barbie dolls to come to untimely deaths.  It is really something to see.  I liked my costume this year; I went as the fall season.  I bought a burnt orange sweater from Value Village and some strands of fall coloured leaves from Dollarama and sewed the leaves onto my clothes.  I made a clock out of cardboard and set the hands for 1:00 o’clock and then drew an arrow pointing backwards to indicate turning the clocks back.  I’d like to say I was the one with all the creative ideas but actually my daughter came up with that idea for me.
My Fall Season Costume
My Fall Season Costume
Death by Chocolate
Death by Chocolate
Dinner Time Barbie
Dinner Time Barbie
Who Let the Dogs Out Barbie
Who Let the Dogs Out Barbie

Today was mostly good.  In the afternoon, my son, his partner, my sister, and I went to King’s Head Pub for lunch and an afternoon of painting.  This is a fairly new activity that has come to Winnipeg.  How it works is that local artists showcase a picture that can be painted in two hours.  These painting sessions are held at local venues, usually restaurants, where you are encouraged to come early and buy a meal and/or drinks at the hosting venue and then do the painting.  The artist walks you through the painting step by step and at the end of it you have your own masterpiece.  There is a website, paintnite.com, that has the calendar of events which lists the artist, picture, and venue.  You pick which picture you want to paint and book the date.  This venture is usually about $50, but we got a Groupon for it for half price.  There were about 40 people all painting the same picture and it’s fun to see how everyone’s picture turns out.

Our Masterpieces
Our Masterpieces
My only problem with the weekend was when I arrived at King’s Head Pub I got a message from my daughter that the hot water tank was leaking.  Ugh!!!  I’m getting it replaced Tuesday morning.  Just two weeks ago I had a costly car repair.  They say things come in threes and in another two weeks I’m going to the dentist; I suspect I need some work done on my teeth.  It’s been a bad year for costly repairs.
Water tank aside, it was a great weekend!

One thought on “A Great Weekend

  1. Hey There Margaret, I read the blog after breakfast (and your e-mail yesterday) … the blog pictures had me smiling!!! I loved your costume picture and your groupon painting outcomes!
    As I’m sure you know, swimming is a really great exercise!!!! Congrats to the swimming people for not cancelling the class due to lower enrollments. I can sympathize with the fellow (afraid) of deep water … I really don’t like deep water either … I can float on my back and do a dog paddle (a bit) but that is the extent of my capabilities … I know I did the breast stroke back when I took swimming lessons as a teen but I probably cannot do it anymore. I did try water aerobics a few years back (more than 10) and did not enjoy it al all. Also took swimming lessons with my former sister-in-law and had to be rescued from the deep end with the hooked pole!!! I was hanging onto the floatation device and refused to let go!!!
    There, I thought that would make you laugh. Good luck with the hot water tank and the dentist!


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