Reception in Sydney

Sanford and I got married in Winnipeg in March because that is where we both have family and friends. However, Sanford has lived most of his life in Sydney and has many good friends there. Rather than expect them to come half way around the world to Winnipeg in winter we had planned from the beginning to hold a reception in Sydney. We held that event on October 27th.

Sanford and I wore our wedding outfits. It was nice to get a second wear out of my wedding dress. I wasnโ€™t sure if it would survive the three planes it took to get to Sydney and being stuffed in with overhead luggage on two, but it came through all right without even a wrinkle!

The reception was a luncheon at Cedrus Lebanese Restaurant. The event turned out lovely. The restaurant had laid out the patio for us with a table for my guest globe to be signed and a TV screen that showed pictures of our wedding and honeymoon. The food was tapas style with fresh and fried pita served with vegetable salad, tabouli, babaghanouj, and hummus to start. Next were the appetizers of fried cauliflower, sambousik, stuffed vine leaves, and falafel. The last course was potatoes with lamb, kafta (minced seasoned lamb) and chicken skewers. To end the meal we had a black forest cake as our wedding cake in addition to the traditional baklava served.

During the event, one of Sanfordโ€™s friends gave a toast to us and then Sanford and I both gave a short speech. After the meal we spent time chatting with our guests. It was a fun event.

Below are some pictures that our friend Barb took.





9 thoughts on “Reception in Sydney

  1. Wow! What a lovely venue with the huge windows looking out at what seems to be a forest. Lovely bride. Sounded like a great day and (my birthday!!) All my love!.


  2. Sounds like another memorable event. It’s so special that you were able to celebrate your milestone in two countries. You both look terrific!


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